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Water rights are real property interests pursuant to Montana law. At a time when the Water Court is still adjudicating water rights and there is less water to go around due to drought, Lund Law is dedicated to helping clients protect their water rights. Everything about water law seems complex. In some ways there is no way around the fact that governing a fluid substance like water in a property rights legal framework, is hard. Yet, we have protections for intellectual and other types of similar property. As a rancher’s daughter and wife to a fourth-generation rancher, Hertha knows first-hand the value of water rights. She brings her practical background and 27 years working on water rights in various forums to the table to serve clients at Lund Law. Along with former Water Master Christopher Scoones, Lund Law provides a balanced approach to resolving or litigating water rights issues.

Lund Law provides the valuable service of providing a due diligence review of water rights that is great for those who are considering buying property in Montana.