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At Lund Law

We love a challenge and serving clients to protect their property rights. We understand that hiring an attorney is sometimes necessary to protect your property or business interests. Also, we understand that most people do not want to hire an attorney and that just contacting us can be stressful. We will do our best to take care of your interests either in negotiations or litigation.

Representing people who have property and business legal issues is True North for our team.

We strive to use tenacity, ingenuity, and our legal knowledge to efficiently solve the issues our clients bring to us.

Lund Law has been assisting property owners to protect their rights for over a decade. We are known throughout Montana for our diligent and zealous representation of our clients. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in the Montana Water Court, all Montana district courts, the Montana Supreme Court, the Federal Court for the District of Montana, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States Court of Federal Claims, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.

About Hertha Lund

Hertha Lund has been practicing law for nearly 30 years. She understands what it means to lose a family business, and the ensuing heart break because her family lost their ranch when she was in college. Based on her years of being a horseshoer, she understands hard work and that sometimes one just has to pick up the horse’s foot, trim it, and shape the shoe to fit. Similarly, practicing law is often difficult to start, requires figuring out how to frame the issues, and then communicating in ways that either ends up in a favorable settlement or a win in court. Hertha perfected her work ethic shoeing horses, and she uses this strength as an attorney representing clients on land use issues in multiple courts. She is passionate about serving her clients to protect their rights.


Property Rights

If you have any issue related to property rights, including water, land, wind or solar energy agreements, eminent domain, road easements, ditch easements or any other land-related business issue, please contact us. We will give you a half hour free consultation and listen to you. We will be upfront and inform you of what we advise for your next steps.

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Practice Areas

The 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article II, Section 29 of the Montana Constitution both provide protection for private property rights. Property rights are the foundation of our free enterprise economy and civil liberties in the United States. Lund Law fights to protect private property rights.

Water rights are real property interests pursuant to Montana law. At a time when the Water Court is still adjudicating water rights and there is less water to go around due to drought, Lund Law is dedicated to helping clients protect their water rights.

Even though it is always best to avoid litigation and negotiate a resolution, sometimes litigation is the only way to settle issues. Hertha likes being in the court room and provides passionate legal representation to her clients.

Pursuant to the United States and Montana Constitutions, there are certain circumstances in which the government can take private property for a public purpose, so long as the government pays just compensation for the property taken or damaged. Lund Law represents landowners against the government to ensure the property owner’s private property rights are not trampled on.

For multiple reasons, now is a time when more wind and solar farms are going to be built in Montana. If you have questions about a lease on your property, Lund Law has the experience to advise you.

The issues of whether a road easement exists and where a road easement may exist are often litigated due to Montana’s increasing population and the growth of towns and cities into rural areas. Lund Law has negotiated solutions for easement issues and has litigated cases in which the parties could not agree on how to resolve their road easement issues.